Are you in school, interested in law as a career? Maybe you love watching reruns of “Law and Order” or “The Practice,” or maybe you want a professional degree to stand out in today’s competitive job market. We, here, can offer you some valuable career guidance to help shape your ideas perfectly.

Most people eventually encounter career-related problems. This includes dilemmas in choosing the right profession, job-seeking difficulties, dissatisfaction with their earnings or advancement, lack of motivation, and the need for retraining. Not resolving these issues can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction and prevent you from having a good salary and the career you deserve. This is the reason why students at Vidhi Parivartan, have at their disposal the Career Launching Program – a service designed to help students build a successful career and reach their full professional potential.

The Launcher (counsellor) in Career Launching Program at Vidhi Parivartan will provide you with:
• guidelines and tools for successful professional development;
• assistance in finding your first job;
• advice for changing your career;
• stress reduction techniques;
• time management advice;
• professional orientation assistance.

How to communicate with the Launcher?

You can connect with the launcher (counsellor) by sending an email at Afterwards, we will send you other details to confirm your registration for the program.
In addition, to provide you with training at our organisation, we will support you throughout your career. We will help you learn how to choose the best possible program or profession or find employment in a successful company. We will be at your service throughout your career. Regardless of the challenges or problems you face during your professional development, you can always count on the help provided by Vidhi Parivartan.