Ask any successful attorney: Nothing propels a legal career like having a great mentor. That’s especially true when the mentor is at the top of the profession and takes an active and personal interest in the development of the young lawyer he or she is advising.

To maximize these opportunities, Vidhi Parivartan has developed a mentorship program “Success in Law School”, a comprehensive initiative for law students (primarily from 1st , 2nd & 3rd year) from diverse backgrounds, based on the principles of legal excellence and personal involvement. Mentors at Vidhi Parivartan are well equipped with law student psychology, and they help provide them with the best product available in the market. The program will cover personality development sessions for the law students which include mentorship for law schools, moot courts, seminars, etc.

The goal of this program is to ensure that talented law students receive the required mentoring that will maximize their potential, both during law school and afterwards, as they prepare for the bar exam and launch their legal careers. We will provide you one-on one mentoring with our mentor, in the form of presentations, which will help you improve your social and communication skills. These presentations cover a variety of topics including networking and relationship building, interviewing skills, professionalism, practice area choice, and attorney evaluation. Also, we offer exclusive events throughout the year just for the students, to facilitate and foster the relationship between mentors and mentees.

If you have questions about Vidhi Parivartan’s Mentorship Program “Success in Law School”, then feel free to mail us at


  1. Amulya Bhatt
    3rd Year, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad

The services I availed by your organization was free mentorship. I had the opportunity to be mentored by Adv. Nabila Zehra. She started off by giving advice and suggestions and went on to clarify my doubts. Overall the entire session was good, she cleared the majority of my clarifications and suggested ways in which my CV could improve. I would also like to thank your organisation for the opportunity provided.

  1. Amrutha Kantimahanthi
    Law Graduate, Andhra University


  1. Shobhit Diwakar
    4th Year, Symbiosis Law School, Noida

Thank you so much for providing me with the opportunity to seek assistance and advice from mentor Adv. Himanshu Sharma. I took care of everything mentioned in the above Email and had a successful session with the mentor. I want to thank and appreciate the initiative run by Vidhi Parivartan Team and special thanks to my mentor and Ms Nancy Garg who helped me throughout the process to make this session a success.

The session was fruitful and helped me a lot. Especially the recommendation of university and places for the internship will turn out to be a major pathway in my career ahead.

  1. Pranav Pravin Kalantri
    5th Year, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar College of Law (Main Branch)

I am Thankful to Vidhi Parivartan for arranging such a great mentorship program. It was a very helpful session for me.

Hemant sir very friendly cleared all my doubts and has guided me for all my queries about the future in IPR and the opportunities and guiding me specifically for my further post graduation.

  1. Kedar Ganesh Dhargalkar
    3rd Year Law Student

It was an enlightening conversation with Mam, completely jam-packed with a lot of insightful advice about the procedural and practical aspects pertaining to practicing in the field of IP law.

The immediate recommendations or suggestions culled out from this counseling session seem to provide guidelines for all the basic career essentials, such as selecting a specialization field, applying for an internship, pursuing foreign or regional LLM, writing and publishing articles, etc. Due to her immense personal experience, Mam also brushed upon certain futuristic executional facets which are encountered in the day-to-day life of a seasoned IP practitioner.

The last few moments of the conversation were reserved for summarizing the call by boiling its contents down to a step-by-step guide for a novice law student like me. This condensed synopsis of the call, essentially encapsulated and outlined an operative academic strategy required for a systematic progression in the uncharted realm of IP laws.

I would also like to note particularly, that Adv.Nabila Zehra Mam was very patient about the time constraints, in the interest of resolving my academic inquiries and thereby exhibited utter leniency, as regards to the parity of time allotted for the phone call.

6. Mansi Goel

Final year law student at Campus Law Center, University of Delhi

I am extremely grateful to you and your team for all your efforts and for arranging a mentorship call for me with Mr. Hemant Thadhani. Sir answered all my queries with utmost patience and guided me in the best possible manner. He was extremely generous during the call and helped me immensely.

7. Disha Mehta

Final year law student at Daulatbhai Trivedi Law College, Gujarat University

I have availed the service of Free Mentorship Guidance from Nabila Ma’am and I am so much happy to say this that it has cleared all my doubts and she also guided me about the future opportunities which I can take up and the tips to boost up my preparation.

I would like to rate it 9/10.

Thank you for giving students like us this facility and helping us out. Vidhi Parivartan is a great initiative and I wish you all the best and may it reach many more milestones. Keep up the great work and I also hope to stay in touch.

8. Durgeshwari & Samyak Jain

1st Year law students

We were honoured with nabila mam’s  Insights and guidance which she shared with us. They shown us the way we must proceed with our future prospects. And we really appreciate the way they answered our questions with patience and understanding.

We are really thankful to Vidhi Parivartan for scheduling our mentorship call with Mam.

9. Naman Priyadarshi

1st Year law student at Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad

I had a mentorship call with Adv. Nabila Ma’am. It was a brief and good experience. She cleared all my doubts with regard to internship and paper publication queries. She also advised me on how to become a successful lawyer and what all skills are required by one. I want to convey my regards to Adv. Nabila Ma’am and Ms. Nancy Garg for this wonderful mentorship.

10. Riya Soni

Law Student

I had a mentorship session with Advocate Nabila yesterday. It was really informative and simple. I was confused about a lot of aspects of my career including internships, grades and future prospects. Ma’am gave sufficient time hearing me out and as well as saying her part. I really liked your initiative as well, this is the kind of help we at times seek from our professors and seniors. Ma’am also advised me trying out different fields including trademarks, IPR and cyber security laws. I will surely take her advice into consideration. Thankyou Nancy for cooperation over email and connecting me to ma’am.