Vidhi Parivartan visions to make a difference in the legal field by understanding the problems faced and providing unique and easy solutions to everyone. Our team is always happy to help those who want to make a difference and need a guiding hand for making their dreams, their reality. You would not regret being a part of such an amazing and hardworking organization, and remember, WE ARE ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU.

Muskaan Aggarwal

Vidhi parivartan is a new startup in the field of law. It's main purpose is to reach out to every individual in the legal fraternity and help them out to get over their struggles faced in the field of law. The simple yet profound endeavour of this organization is to help first generation lawyers, law students, legal professionals at large. A great applause for the entire team for their efforts in channelising their zeal in making this organization launch successfully.

Shreya Jha

Vidhi Parivartan, literally meaning socio-legal transformation is an organisation which aims to provide a dynamic platform to the legal fraternity, especially the 1st generation lawyers. The core team comprises of hardworking and diligent individuals who continue to strive despite all the challenges and difficulties faced. We at Vidhi Parivartan are determined to create a positive impact in the society as well as the legal community.

Saloni Sancheti

Vidhi parivartan means legalisation in it's literal sense but it is we who are up to add more flavours to it. Although Vidhi Parivartan is at it's initial stage, the highly efficient team is toiling its day and night, just to be available for your service, dear visitors. Looking forward to outreach and connect to the maximum people out there so that Vidhi Parivartan would be the first name that comes to your mind when you think of building up a career in law. I believe, when together we stand, we will surely achieve greater heights in the legal profession.

Ananta Verma

Vidhi Parivartan is an organization which seeks to create a better tomorrow. Headed by Ms. Nancy Garg, the vision for Vidhi Parivartan is ingenious which look forward to aiding law students in all possible manner. From CV bulding to Publication assistance, from providing legal consultancy to help law students secure their desired Internships, this organization will leave no stone unturned to make a difference in the lives of people from legal fraternity.

Parbat Singh

Vidhi Parivartan, even after being a relatively new venture has proven itself to be led by an impressive and AMAZING leadership! The challenges that a new setup faces when it starts it's journey is surely difficult to handle initially, however the team at vidhi has been so unaffected by them, in the path to improve the organisation. The aim to work for the betterment of the legal space is an unwavering goal that constantly pumps more energy! Looking forward to Vidhi actually undertaking a Parivartan to our close legal environment!

Liji Anna