History of the world is history of few men who had faith in themselves. Vidhi Parivartan is a culmination of few such men and women who are awake, conscious, determined and want to voluntarily discharge their responsibilities as ‘Change-Makers’ in society. Here at Vidhi Parivartan, each one of us represent all and all of us represent each one of us. Having taken up the flambeau of ‘Change process’, the vibrant, vivacious and zealous team of Vidhi Parivartan comprises of budding lawyers across India who are haunted with the mission of delivering Justice to the last man in the last row.

They have pledged jointly and severally to make justice easily accessible to all and to convert ‘Court of law’ into ‘Court of justice and Court of people.’ They aspire to be those ‘human catalysts’ who will ensure that not only is justice pronounced in court of law, but is also served at the door step of the victim. ‘Distributive Justice’ for them is uncompromising and the team qua ‘Voice of Voiceless’ donning black robes will clinch it for every needy.

Justice is the raison d’etre for project- Vidhi Parivartan and thus their slogan resonates ‘‘Nyaydaanam Shreshtam Daanam’’ meaning thereby ‘Justice is the best charity’. Besides the foundation has rightly coined and chosen the name as ‘Vidhi Parivartan’. The word ‘Vidhi’ connotes dual meaning- Law and Fate simultaneously, while Parivartan means ‘Change’. At Vidhi Parivartan, thus, the members seek and aspire to change the fate of not only society and nation, but also their own. It’s a legal platform that seeks to hone the skill-sets of all the budding lawyers, aid the law students in all possible manner by optimum utilization of resources available at their disposal and thereby empower the legal fraternity eventually. The platform aspires to undertake host of short, medium and long-term activities and programmes for the legal community to enhance their professional, academic, extra-academic progression.

It’s committed for the cause of empowering especially the first generation lawyers who face innumerable hardships in the profession. Moreover, it aims to live up to its motto of ‘‘Nyaydaanam Shreshtam Daanam’’ through every activity that it undertakes.

We aim at utilizing legal stream as a ‘panacea’ to wipe out every tear from every eye of the aggrieved and victim in society. We strongly believe that –‘Law is a king of all kings’ and ‘Justice is truth in action’. We assure you that your collaboration with ‘Vidhi Parivartan’ will be fruitful in all possible ways. It’s your ‘One Stop Legal Destination’ and all are invited to join in.

Let’s not wait for things to happen, let’s make things happen together.