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Written by: Ashi Chouksey (Intern)
Edited by: Anubhav Yadav (Content Head & Developer)

A PIL has been moved before the Supreme Court of India requesting the establishment of “Supreme Court Digital Venues” across the country to enable the advocates and litigants to appear before the top coat who do not have access to technological infrastructure.

Digital Venues are a kind of virtual venues. The pandemic had marked the upsurge of events taking place in virtual venues. These venues take place online or virtually. The events organised virtually are held on World Wide Web. These types of venues help to expand the geographical reach and targeting beyond your home city or country. Through these venues one can access the event from the comfort of their home. Networking becomes easier with such venues. These types of venues are cost effective as one doesn’t have to pay for any travelling expenses.

The development presumes significance in view of the widespread debate surrounding establishment of regional bench of the Supreme Court as per article 130 of the constitution.

Article 130 of The Constitution of India says that the Seat of The Supreme Court shall sit in Delhi or in such other place or places, as the Chief Justice of India may, with the approval of the President, from time to time, appoint. But these digital venues will help people to attend the court at the comfort of their homes without travelling to Delhi.

The petitioner seeks that in every State and Union Territory, at least one Digital Venue you should be established, which will be suitably equipped for the litigants and advocates to appear before the top court through video conferencing along with e-filling facility.

The petitioner adds that this will enhance access to justice and overcome any kind of anticipation of social, geographical, psychological and financial, health or technological challenges especially during the pandemic.

The petitioner further added that the Supreme Court Digital Venues shall stand as a ready National infrastructure and ensure justice in an unforeseeable disaster, calamity or outbreak. These venues shall increase and ensure the appearance and participation of advocates from all across the country thereby promoting the sense of a truly National Bar. This initiative will also save the expenses of travelling as it is a cost efficient alternative.


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