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Written by: Shreya (Intern)

Edited by: Anubhav Yadav (Content Head & Developer)

Ashutosh Kaushik is a champ of Roadies 5.0 and Big Boss (2008). He has approached Delhi High Court looking for headings to expel all the posts, videos, articles, etc. from the internet, supposedly sensationalizing his past life at the strength of a 2009 intoxicated driving case and squabble at a Mumbai cafe in 2013. The filed plea claimed that the right to be forgotten is an internal part of the right to privacy. Senior Advocate Arvind Nizam acknowledged taking note for Google Inc. He briefly contended that the right to be forgotten is not still a law. On the other hand, Advocate Amit George, who driven contentions for the Petitioner, was intensely dependent on the later choice of Justice Pratibha Singh of the Delhi High Court, allowing between times assurance to an American Citizen of Indian beginning by coordinating Indian Kanoon to block the judgement of his quittance beneath NDPS Act from being gotten to by utilizing search engine such as Google/Yahoo etc.

George has also highlighted that in the right to privacy judgement, Justice Kaul has made an elaborate discussion on the right to be forgotten. The matter will be heard on August 20 by single bench Justice Pratibha Singh. The plea was filed through Advocates Akshat Bajpai, Ishanee Sharma and Shreya Gupta. In this petition, the petitioner was argued that during his success, he suffered deep torture. He has also stated that he has suffered psychological pain for his diminished acts, which were uploaded on various social media a decade ago.


Right to be forgotten means the claim of an individual that he/she had uploaded the videos, photos and articles and if the same data have been deleted so that in future third person cannot trace them in future where the data are no longer needed the personal data must be erased. It was introduced by Justice BN Shri Krishna Committee in 2018, a personal data protection bill. The main motto of this bill was to protect the personal data of an individual.

The plea focused that his all past videos, photos and articles delete immediately. It was also argued that Kaushik had suffered an injury to his reputation through uploaded posts on various social media, the appeal fought that it has significance within the present times. Until and unless such posts are not fully deleted it will continuously harm the petitioner reputation. It was also mentioned that it is the government and lawmakers responsibility to protect the right to privacy and data protection of the individuals.

The petition highlighted that article 21 of the Constitution of India talks about the right to life and this right to life includes the right to privacy so, an individual lives their life happily. It brings to the consideration of the Court that a few purviews recognize the proper right of adjustment against wrong data distributed or disclosed in media. In any case, it proposes affirmation of the ‘Right to be forgotten as the best alternative for the need of mechanical possibility.


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