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Written by: Shreya (Intern)
Edited by: Anubhav Yadav (Content Head & Developer)

On 1 st July Delhi High court said that it’s our moral responsibility to protect the animals not duty, the court also directed to the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) to ensure that every RWI constitute an Animal Welfare Committee. Someday, before a case filled related to the dispute among two residents for feeding of street dogs, one said to control action or behaviour by force to stop them whereas other said feeding at the entrance. Later, dispute settled and a place was fixed for feeding the canines. The court also said that care and caution should be taken in such a manner which causes no nuisance or harassment.

The High court gives a guidelines regarding feeding of stray dogs that every dog is a territorial being and it should be fed within their territory not at public places which causes disturbance to the others. The court also said that if any person having sympathy for stray dogs , they can feed them at their private places or take care of such dogs who are ill, no one have right to restrict him/her to do so. But it is necessary to keep in mind that it does not infringe others privacy. Stray dogs have right to food and residents have right to feed but citizens exercise this right with care and caution which does not cause any harm or nuisance to the members of the society.

The court formed a committee to implement the guidelines and ordered to hold meetings meeting every four weeks. There is need to spread awareness among citizens that street/stray dogs have also right to live under article 21 because they are also living beings and our responsibility to care because they have no knowledge about what will harm to their health or what not. The court also said that it shall be duty of Resident Welfare Association (RWA), Municipal Corporation and all government organisations should train the dogs to them effective as guard dogs. The role of guards protects the community from the entry of outsiders.

As we saw many dogs suffered from rabies disease and due to lack of treatment they died. So, its Animals Welfare Board of India (AWBI) responsibility to order RWA or MCD to make a committee as soon as possible that helps to give treatment for such dogs by Vets. Sometimes, street dogs are subjected to abusive treatment by some resident’s responsibility to get their dogs vaccinated against rabies every year to prevent the spread of rabies.

Through the above passages it is concluded that we should take care of community of street dogs because they are also living beings. It’s our moral responsibility to take care and caution. If you see any dog that got accident it’s your moral duty take him/her to the hospital and provide treatment. It’s also resident’s responsibility to get their dogs vaccinated against rabies. We have to show compassion towards all living creatures because they can’t speak their pain. Many people hit him without any reason it causes psychological pain to them. They breath like us, they have also skin and blood like us. So, they also have right to happily life.


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