Vidhi Parivartan‘s Job & Internship assistance service ensures students gain valuable experience in the legal industry. An internship can prove to be a valuable resource for relationship building and career exploration. All internships should involve well-defined project(s), and students are responsible for finding and coordinating their internships. A typical internship is of 4 to 12 weeks, with four weeks being the minimum acceptable length of time. Our Internship and Placement Team provides complete assistance to all our students to find the most suitable job and internship opportunities as per their course, skills, talent, and areas of interest.

To get you job-ready, we also conduct career counselling & mock interview sessions so that you can face any job interview confidently. Customer care & personality development are also covered through regular sessions.


Applied to lots of law firms, sent emails, followed them up, and consistently called them up to see if you can get an internship?
Applied to a lot of vacancies in law firms that you saw on LinkedIn or any other portal? 
Attended career fairs hoping to find a job? 
Paid a lot of money to professional CV drafting services to draft the perfect CV and cover letter? 
Went for multiple internships but only to be not offered any job nor called back for another internship at the end? 
Tried to get recommendations from seniors to get a job in a law firm only to be disappointed in the end despite such recommendations?



Only toppers in law schools and NLU students can get jobs in top law firms.
You need to be a mooter if you want to get a corporate law firm job. Publishing articles in journals and paper presentations in conferences is the best way to showcase practical skills for a law firm job.
Law firms are only for corporate lawyers, those who want to work on disputes and litigations cannot work in a law firm.
To get a law firm job, LLB alone is not enough. You need to also do CS or LLM. 
Having a long list of internships in prestigious firms will enable me to secure my dream job eventually.
The placement committee of my law school will help me to get a job. They promised at the time of admission after all.
Doing cheap online courses and getting many certificates will ensure I get a law firm job.


If the answer to any of the above-mentioned questions is YES, then this service of “Job and Internship Assistance” is for you. We have got you covered.