Gone are the days when first impressions were made in person or at networking events. Instead, lawyers now find associates and potential students and derive their first impressions, online first. But bad reviews, poor online profiles, a failure to manage it all properly equals leaving a bad impression on potential recruiters. And it can be hard to und these setbacks. It’s not impossible but it’s a lot harder to fix your reputation after it’s taken a hit than to prevent these dents in the first place.

But not anymore, now with the assistance of Vidhi Parivartan, you can customise your online profile and imbibe most of the opportunities. Nowadays, getting internships in Tier-1 Law Firms is so difficult. The reason is a lack of knowledge in the CV and Cover Letter drafting. We, here at Vidhi Parivartan help our students by giving them the best tips and tricks to enhance their CV and Cover Letter for securing an internship at any place. Being in the law profession, the foremost thing for a student is to sell his thoughts and ideas to the public at large, and LinkedIn is the platform that comes to everyone’s mind. Vidhi Parivartan has a team of professionals to help you with the LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn runs on an algorithm, which if properly followed makes your name appear on the topmost Google searches, making better chances of people knowing you. Vidhi Parivartan with its experienced professionals helps you manage your LinkedIn profile and to connect with legal masters in this profession.

We make use of the latest and best analytical equipment, tools, technologies, and research methodologies to deliver top-quality services on time, every time.

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