Law School is a roller coaster ride for every student no matter what semester you are in. Hence, you need to be an astute in all aspects. Teachers in law school are burdened with multiple responsibilities apart from teaching and providing notes to student
s. There will always be a huge gap between the things that teachers want to impart to their students and the things that students want to know from them. The connection that will let the two meet is the relevance of the lesson with the student’s lives.

The usual drill-and-kill approach usually hampers creative thinking and most often produce short-term results. Using appealing learning materials to make the law students attentive to the lesson is a time spent in law school more valued.

Any Solution?

Vidhi Parivartan aims at helping law students by way of financing the best quality study material. This gives an opportunity to all the law students to focus better on their academics.We have best resources collected from various lawyers specialised in field of law and law professors over different law colleges/universities. These study materials will help you add important structure to lesson planning and the delivery of instruction. Particularly in initial years (Ist, IInd and IIIrd), learning materials act as a guide for both the teacher and student. They can provide a valuable routine.

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I express my deep gratitude for the study material shared relating to 5 key law subjects. In today’s exploitative world, I am particularly grateful to you for sharing the material free of cost and for making learning more accessible. I have perused the material shared by you and have found it to be extremely useful for my academics as well as for my personal understanding of various legal concepts and provisions.  I extend my warmest wishes to Vidhi Parivartan, and sincerely hope that the organisation shall continue to grow and to help law students everywhere, thereby strengthening the legal community. 

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