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Written by: Tanvi Mishra (Intern)
Edited by: Anubhav Yadav (Content Head & Developer)

We are still fighting the second wave of the global pandemic, COVID-19. The only thing because of which we are better off than the first wave is that now we have different vaccines available for us by the different companies. In the current scenario, two doses of the vaccine is a must for each one of us. But, the miserable part here is that we don’t have sufficient amount to even provide one dose to each and every citizen. There is an unequal distribution of vaccines in different states of our country.

Due to this whole present situation, the Delhi High Court expressed anguish. The Court is concerned about the fact that there is a shortage of vaccine even when the government claims that the only way to fight this global pandemic is through vaccination. If vaccines are of such immense importance to save our lives then why aren’t we having the sufficient amount? The Court mentioned that as a responsible citizen we must also be anguished. This shortage of vaccine is affecting each and every individual. The Court stated that even today vaccine is not available in Delhi. It was emphasized that we have the resources with us; all we need is a little bit of handholding and unity which will work.

The Court put forward the point that someone from Russia was able to find some infrastructure in Himachal Pradesh but the central government failed to do so. This whole anguish was expressed by the Court when they were deliberating on the issue of manufacturing the Covid-19 Russian vaccine, Sputnik V in India by Panacea Biotech in collaboration with the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF).

In this issue, the Delhi High Court asked the central government to release an arbitral award of Rs. 14 Crore along with interest from 2012 to Panacea Biotech for the manufacturing of the Sputnik V vaccine. The government has been asked to do so on a condition which is that before releasing arbitral award, the company Panacea Biotech needs to take permission from the Central government to manufacture this particular vaccine here in India. On doing so, the government must release the award.

This bench of judges comprised of Justice Manmohan and Justice Najmi Waziri. The bench also stated that “the amount that will be released by the arbitral tribunal for this company will also be subject to undertaking of the firm that 20 per cent of the sale proceeds of the vaccine Sputnik V will be deposited with the court’s registry till the awarded amount are secured.”

This was not the first time when the Delhi High Court expressed grief about the covid-19 management. In the early may, the Delhi High Court expressed that the problem with Delhi Is that both the State and the Centre claims that Delhi comes under them and the scuffle between the two leads to mismanagement. To this advocate Rahul Mehra responded that the Centre must not only say but take some action if they feel that Delhi is their responsibility. The times are tough and the Delhi High Court is not wrong expressing the anguish. The Centre and the State must comply with the orders of the Court and should work together to eradicate this global pandemic.


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