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Written by: Aniket Anjan (Intern)
Edited by: Anubhav Yadav (Content Head & Developer)


As the 5G logic in India is at the apex for bringing a revolution in connectivity. its implementation gains some momentum problem around it use raised again with time to time Many people pointing that possible harm of 5G network can have on citizens, birds, animals, etc. it is recent in the news because of the suit filed by actress environmentalist Juhi Chawla in Delhi high court against the setting up of 5G wireless network in India.


5G technology will promise to revolutionize mobile broadband and is a big generational leap over the current 4G technology it will be capable of not just ensuring fast internet on our cells but also power Internet or internet of thing network for running a connected car and home smarter it will also support the streaming of the rich media. still, it is not been rolled out in our country it is expected that the network will be going live with the 5G band by the end of 2021


Juhi Chawala had moved to Delhi high court earlier was setting up a 5G wireless network in India which will raise radiation impact on a living being. She said if the telecommunication industry for 5G comes to completion, there will be no person no animal no board no plant on the earth will be to avoid exposure 24*7 to the level of radiofrequency radiation that is 10 times to 100 times better than what is existing today. This plan will provoke serious irreversible effect on human and permanent damage to the entire ecosystem on earth, she said,

This suit is filed through advocate Deepak Khosla on the direction of the Juhi Chawala look for the direction of authority that has to certify to the public of the whole country that 5G technologies is safe for every human being, plant and animal. This matter is come for justice C Harishankar, before whom the matter came up for hearing, the transfer to the lawsuit to another bench for the hearing on the 2nd June 2021.


The Delhi High Court asks questioned Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla for directly filing a suit against 5G wireless network setting up in India without giving any representation to the union on her concern related to technology, Delhi HC Justice JR Midha said the plaintiffs, Chawla, and two others have required to approach the central government for their right and if they deny they should come to the court.

However, the virtual hearing was interrupted by a man who started singing a song from an actress film so the hearing had to stop for some time. It resumes after that man was removed from the session and the court has taken this matter very seriously and issue a contempt notice against him and directed Delhi police to search the person and take legal action against him.

The Delhi High Court on 5th June 2021 dismissed the civil suit against 5G Roll out as “defective and not maintainable” with imposing a fine of the heavy cost of rupees 20 lakh on the actor Juhi Chawla. “Vexatious allegation was made” a single bench of Justice JR Midha noted in the order.” it appears should it is filled for publicity because actress circulated that link for hearing on social media but also observed in that order.

The High Court said to plaintiffs who failed to make out a case for leave to institute the suit or sue in representative capacity therefore it is defective and non-maintainable.


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