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Written by: Aniket Anjan (Intern)
Edited by: Anubhav Yadav (Content Head & Developer)


A plea has been moved to Allahabad high courts on seeking the direction to the Union of India for deciding petitioner representation regarding declaration those who have corona antibodies in developing in their body they don’t need to be vaccinated.

Rashtriya Rashtrapati Party has been filed this plea and other have been submitted their plea those who got corona antibodies developed in themselves in various ways for various reason may be excluded from the compulsion vaccination program. They don’t need to be vaccinated because they have antibodies developed in themselves. They have taken a reference of a statement of an officer of Indian council of medical research, New Delhi so the plea maintains that while the good level of antibodies developed in all who’s those who have been taken COVID vaccine but only 80% of them developed the required immunity from the COVID, while 20% doesn’t develop that require immunity which had to be developed.

Further, they have also taken reference in the plea which also refers to a group of public health experts, which include Doctor from AIIMS and the member of the COVID-19 national task force who has suggested that there is no need to vaccinate people who had documented COVID-19 infection. Further, once again they also taken about report of media, Plea submits that the COVID antibodies seems to remain active and developed for many months and possibly for the year in those who got corona positive and cured. it means they have taken every reference which they can take just like they have taken reference from Indian council of medical research, Doctor from AIIMS, official from National Task Force and Media reports and all the reports are saying same those who have corona antibodies developed in them they don’t need to be vaccinated, and they have to exclude from the compulsory vaccination program.

  • Those who got corona antibodies developed in themselves in various ways for various reasons they might be excluded from the compulsory vaccination program, at least till the time when the vaccine development process is finally solidified and definite and final opinion in the regard get universally settled and accepted.
  • It may be too hurry to decide that the every person must get corona vaccinated by the presently prevailing and available corona vaccine only.
    This plea also have to submits that there does not seem to be any need for vaccination in all those cases, where the corona antibodies have been already getting developed because of various reasons in various ways.
    The plea also prays that all the directions to be issued to the union of India who deciding the petitioner’s representation as both fact and merit of the case and to issue appropriate directions or guidelines about whether they need to be vaccinated those who have corona antibodies developing them or not.

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