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Written by: Ayushi Singh (Intern)
Edited by: Anubhav Yadav (Content Head & Developer)

A division bench of Justices AM Khanwilkar and Dinesh Maheshwari was hearing this case. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) notified its policy for evaluation of Class 12 students for the year 2021 which will be based on a sum total and average of marks scored in classes 10, 11 and pre-board examination and said the final grades for Class 12 will be declared by the end of July. This detailed evaluation structure was released after the approval from the Supreme Court. The Class 12 board exams 2021 were cancelled earlier due to increase in the cases of COVID-19 pandemic.

Around 40% of the scores will be given on the basis of 12th exams on the best-of-three (unit test/mid-term/pre-board) examination which is taken by schools just before board examination, and the 60% scores will be given on the basis of student’s progress in Class 11 and 10 final examinations. While 30% marks assessment will be done on the basis of marks got in Class 11 final examination and the rest 30% marks assessment will be calculated on Class 10 marks on average component theory of best three performing subjects out of themajor five subjects. Practical Examination will be out of 100 marks and the assessment will be done on the basis of marks submitted by schools adding that the total marks awarded should be in accordance with the past year performances of the school in the 12th board examinations. The results of Class 12 will be declared by 31st July and of Class 10 board exam results by 20th July, CBSE Board today told the Supreme Court of India.

In any scenario if any of the student is not able to meet the qualifying criteria then that student will be placed in the “Compartment” or “Essential repeat” category. “However, the aggregate average school marks assessed for all the subjects in 2020-2021 should not, for each specific reference year, exceed the average school marks of two marks. In that case, two years of data be available for a school, the best results will be achieved over two years and if the data is only available for one year, the same will be taken, board said. The board stated that the subject-matter of the school evaluation should be within +/- 5 marks acquired by the school students in the topic during the reference year for 2020 2021.

The schools were instructed to constitute a five-member results committee to finalize the results. As grades 11 and 12, the component shall be granted at school level, the quality of question papers, the evaluation standards, processes, methods of conducting exams etc. strictly make them not comparable at school level. Therefore, every school will have to regulate the marks internally in order to maintain standardization in order to account for changes in the school level using a valid reference standard.

By 15 July, the CBSE has requested that schools finalize and upload results to the platform, with the final results declared by 31 July.


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